Reggie - WWE Basic Series 135

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Reggie - WWE Basic Series 135 - Mattel Action Figure

Figure period: Smackdown 2021

Reggie spotted this attire when he was battling with Chad Gable for the WWE 24/7 Championship. No other wrestler can move like Reggie, should Maroon 5, modify their song?

Reggie – Key Credentials

From: St. Louis, Missouri

Weight: 80 Kg (176 lb)

Height: 1.73m (5ft 8 inches)

Career Highlights:

  • WWE 24/7 Champion

Bring home the action of WWE®! Kids can recreate their favourite matches with these approximately 6-inch figures created in “Superstar scale”. Pose them to spar, pair them to battle or create mayhem with multiple figures. All offer articulation, amazing accuracy and authentic details like armbands and tattoos.

Manufacturer: Mattel

Barcode: 194735105946

Product Code: HKP23

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