Logan Paul - WWE Top Picks Elite - USA Version

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Logan Paul - WWE Top Picks Elite - Mattel Action Figure – USA Version

Figure Accessories:

  • Interchangeable hands
  • Blue belted entrance jacket
  • Prime energy drink bottle

The ultimate influencer ziplined down the aisle to face Seth “Freakin” Rollins at Wrestlemania 39 in a match full of moments that went viral.

Logan Paul – Key Credentials

From: Westlake, OH

Height: 6ft 2 in / 1.88 m

Weight: 205 lb / 93.0 kg

Finisher: Frog Splash

Career Highlights:

  • WWE United States Champion

                  Capture the blowout action of WWE® Superstars with this Elite Collection™ action figure! Featuring one of WWE's biggest personalities and champions, this bold and colourful figure is approximately 6-inches and comes ready to wreak havoc right out of the box

                  Manufacturer: Mattel

                  Barcode: 194735199808

                  Product Code: HTX75

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