Elias - WWE Wrekkin Series

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Elias - WWE Wrekkin Series - Mattel Action Figure

Figure Accessories:

  • Breakable Guitar

Elias – Key Credentials

From: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Weight: 98 Kg (217lb)

Height: 1.83m (6ft 0inches)

Career Highlights:

    • WWE 24/7 Champion
Time to wreck the competition! This assortment of WWE® Wrekkin'™ figures (each is approximately 6-inches) features top talent WWE® Superstars with one of three distinct action moves: slamming, punching or kicking. Each figure comes with a "wreckable" accessory like a ladder, breakable table or chairs. Moves are activated by a pull-back motion to get the action going and figures also feature a "lock tight grip" that allows them to grasp the accessory and hold it tight. Accessories are easy to reassemble so kids can play out the wrecking action again and again.

Manufacturer: Mattel

Barcode: 887961839364

Product Code: GLG08

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