Chris Jericho - AEW Unmatched Series 4

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Chris Jericho - AEW Unmatched Series 4 - Jazwares Action Figure

Every wrestler was a debutant rookie at some point!

Figure Accessories:

  • Jacket

Figure period: 1993

Corazon de Leon has broken the hearts of thousands of fans who saw him debut in April 1993 at the Mexican Arena. This Canadian with blue eyes, blonde hair is modern Tarzan & has made an incredible tag team with El Vampiro Canadiense and they have had sensational duels with Sangre Chicana and Emilio Charles. Although he still doesn't speak Spanish very well, the Lionheart says he loves Mexico, its food and Mexican women.

From the back of a very rare Topps card!

Chris Jericho – Key Credentials

From: Alberta, Canada

Weight: 103 Kg (227lb)

Height: 1.83m (6ft 0 inches)

Career Highlights:

  • Inaugural AEW World Champion

The fourth series of the AEW Unmatched Collection, these highly articulated and collectible action figures includes: Adam Page, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Jade Cargill & MJF. Each boasts 25 points of articulation and are authentically styled from actual from the AEW Dynamite and PPV events, excluding Chris Jericho!!!

Manufacturer: Jazwares

Barcode: 0191726431268

Product Code: AEW0242

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